by Denise Petersen

In this series, I examine the inevitable toll usage and time take on us all. Whether through depicting a pair of shoes via still life or a portrait study of a contemporary, I want to find the character and beauty in things aging, weathered and worn. The above image is the first still life of my all-time favorite pair of boots.



by Flora Veronesi

I am an amateur artist who tries to do an original work that expresses my anguish and my feelings. I enjoy working with recyclable and waste products. I work a lot with bicycle tire rubber that has already been discarded and will be thrown away. In this recent work , firstly, I had glued a lot of rubber strips. I waited it to dry and then I took out all that I glued, leaving only those strips that did not want to take out. I did this to form the scars that remained on the canvas (like those on our skin and our soul). Then I painted with acrylic paint.

Blackout Poetry: Grand Rapids

by Mariah Agee & Emily Scholl

Blackout poetry is a writing process that involves using printed writing to build new poems. This process creates a unique challenge to discover your voice and connect with writing through an experimental lens. This project will be a collaboration of community blackout poems with an opportunity for other community members to share and contribute. Blackout Poetry: Grand Rapids will feature a gallery of blackout poetry pages created by the artists and other Grand Rapids poets. There will be a box of free book pages for the community to create and hang their own pieces alongside the rest of the collection. To build community and promote accessibility to creative expression, the artists will add daily updates to the Instagram account BlackoutPoetryGR and invite participation using the hashtag #blackoutpoetrygr. We believe it is our responsibility to our community to foster accessible creative expression and encourage personal development through writing and art.


by Christine Towner

Meaningful communication happens many ways: words, semiotic rules and non-verbal signs. Misunderstanding leads to misinterpretation, cryptic non-verbal codes and innuendo. Historically, we’ve attempted to clarify these hidden behaviors through audio messages, secret codes, Apophenia (specific patterns) and Kinesis (body language). “Hidden Messages” is a visual compendium of communication forming a pleasing puzzle of methods and symbols.


by Molly Burgess

Moon Child is a fabric soft sculpture of a male Spanish Luna moth (Graellsia isabellae). Both forewings and hindwings are hand painted front and back, with a wire frame on the inside to hold their shape. The body and head are made from faux fur I’ve painted to emulate the moths body design and stuffed with poly fill. His legs are wire, hand wrapped in fabric. His antenna are feathers. To me, moths are one of natures most beautiful creations, and the Spanish Luna my be my favorite. The soft minty green color broken into sections by the dark brown of the veins, with the strikingly bright eyespots in the center of each make this species look almost like a design from the arts and crafts movement.



September 21st





Harmony Hall’s Second Anniversary Party – Birthday Beer Release

September 29th